5 years, 11 months ago | By: David Rainoshek |
Why Vegetarians Didn't Vote for George W. Bush (GWB)

In my recent post, “How Facebook (FB) is Altering Your Mind” we looked at how the social network is affecting mind and personal development. With almost 100,000 views, it has obviously struck a chord with many readers. So if you liked that, get ready. What I am about to show you now is something you […]

5 years, 11 months ago | By: David Rainoshek |
How Facebook (FB) is Altering Your Mind

It’s been called FaceCrack. And if you have been getting a sinking feeling when you use Facebook that you did not have as a first-time or new user… if you have a hard time with people who use it or incessantly check it (such as those endlessly posting photos of their latest meal, cat experience, […]

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Support in Difficult Times: The Hero’s Journey and Juice Feasting

Well, there was no denying it. I woke up with a powerful and renewed sense of confident purpose this morning. Not that it hasn’t been there – it has just been eaten up trying to save my life’s work for the last month – work that many people are counting on. (I made 4 quarts […]

6 years ago | By: David Rainoshek |
Vitamin B-12 and Plant-Based Diets: Research

If you eat a plant-based diet: Vegetarian, Vegan, or Raw/Live Vegan… or have friends who do… or if you did one of these diets for years, listen up. The research is in: Plant-Based Diets, for all their healing benefits, leave adherents with dramatically lower – and health damaging – Vitamin B12 levels. While I have […]