Vitamin B-12 and Plant-Based Diets: Research

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Vitamin B-12 and Plant-Based Diets: Research

If you eat a plant-based diet: Vegetarian, Vegan, or Raw/Live Vegan… or have friends who do… or if you did one of these diets for years, listen up.

The research is in: Plant-Based Diets, for all their healing benefits, leave adherents with dramatically lower – and health damaging – Vitamin B12 levels.

While I have written about this extensively in B12 Exposed, I wanted to link a few clinical studies – peer-reviewed research – into this blog post, and then I invite you to consult B12 Exposed and discuss this issue in the Active B12 Forums.

Here you go (right-click to download):

Vitamin B12 Status of Long-Term Adherents of a Strict Uncooked Vegan Diet

Long-Term Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian Diet Impairs Vitamin B-12 Status in Pregnant Women

Vitamin B-12 and Homocysteine Status Among Vegetarians: A Global Perspective

Total Homocysteine, Vitamin B12, and Total Antioxidant Status in Vegetarians


The long and short of it is that dietary human-active B12 is nonexistent in a Vegan Diet (and very low in Vegetarian diets), which raises blood homocysteine levels – a precursor for cardiovascular disease. It also reduces the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood, decreases digestive strength, and creates the preconditions for Alzheimer’s and neurological disorders.

SO, if you are eating plant-based for healing temporarily, or for moral or health reasons long-term, please heed the above research! Supplement with human-active B12 – you can find excellent options here!

On the other side are healthy B12 levels – and reduced inflammation, greater energy (due to increased oxygenation), healthier digestion, better cardiovascular health, and a better life with fewer medical expenses. Not bad for a little Vitamin that is so easy to get, once you know what to do!

See you in the Active B12 Forums!


Stay Sharp,

David Rainoshek
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  1. francie smart says:

    Boy, do I get huge resistance from family members who don’t believe they could possibly be deficient in B12, but who have been staunch vegans for 10 years. My challenge to them was to get a urin test to make sure….funny thing is, they score over 6 on the list of things that indicate B12 deficiency. Hoping i can get them interested enough to buy the course and learn more. ;)